website picI am a social scientist, author, and educator with research and teaching interests in the intersections between technologies of regulation and social inequality. As an ethnographer and social theorist, I use analytic insights from feminist studies and science and technology studies to investigate broader relationships between law and society. I have studied these and related concerns in relation to surveillance, sport, biomedicine, global governance, crime, security, and deviance.

Currently, I am a Senior Research Fellow of the RegNet School of Regulation and Global Governance at the Australian National University, where I also serve as Director of Education. As Director of Education, I oversee research training programs in the areas of governance and regulation, which are built on the School’s principles of justice, sustainability, and well-being. More information is available on the education section of RegNet’s website.

My curriculum vitæ lists my academic and professional activities. This website, my ANU Researchers and ResearchGate profiles, and academia.edu provide details about my research.