Banksy Ring Thief


I am an interdisciplinary scholar with a keen interest in how relationships between law, technology and regulation influence everyday life. I am currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Regulatory Institutions Network (RegNet), a research center housed at the Australian National University, where I also serve as Head of Postgraduate Programs. In this role, I oversee graduate research training programs (MPhil, PhD) in the areas of governance and regulation, which are built on RegNet’s principles of justice, sustainability and human well-being.

My research interests, broadly conceived, are concerned with the regulation of the human body. The bulk of my work focuses on intersections between inequality and different technologies of regulation, with an emphasis on how these relationships impact bodies differently and reflect broader patterns of social change. My areas of expertise are law and society, deviance, feminist and social theory, health, science and technology studies and qualitative methods.

I am actively involved in cultivating and promoting critical ethnographic approaches to the study of law and regulation. In addition to being a founding member of the Law and Society Association (LSA) Collaborative Research Network on Ethnography, Law & Society, I am the Associate Editor of the Political and Legal Anthropology Review, a journal that publishes innovative ethnographic research on law and politics.

My curriculum vitæ provides a summary of my professional activities. This website, and Google Scholar offer more details of my work to date. You can also follow me on Twitter.