RegNet Lab Launched

When I returned to the Australian National University (ANU) on a full-time basis, I wanted to create a collaborative space where scholars at various career stages could engage with questions of technoscience and regulation and develop interdisciplinary projects to answer them. We were able to do so through the establishment of the Justice and Technoscience Lab (JusTech).

JusTech responds to growing concerns that disruptive technologies can exacerbate discrimination, inequality, and oppression. This collaboratory brings together scholars from within and beyond RegNet to study regulatory strategies that advance more just and equitable approaches to the governance of science and technology.

JusTech’s work draws on insights from regulatory governance, science and technology studies (STS), and theories of power and inequality to understand and counteract unintended consequences of scientific and technological innovation. It also provides student training and professional development through hands-on workshops, reading groups, and engagement opportunities.

In addition to lab members affiliated with RegNet, JusTech maintains partnerships with scholars based at ANU, other Australian research organisations, and overseas institutions.

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