November conference activities

The programs for the 2011 annual meetings of American Society of Criminology and the American Anthropological Association are now available, making for a busy mid-November! In an attempt to merge the themes of both meetings, I have organized two panels (one at each conference) to showcase a group of scholars working at the intersections of sociology of deviance, anthropology and cultural criminology. I am on both in addition to a third panel:

Wednesday, November 16 in the Cardozo Room, Terrace Level of the Washington Hilton Hotel from 9:30 to 10:30AM

Presenting “Dialectical Discomfort and the (Im)Possiblities of Race Traitors: Tracing Criminology’s Transparency Phenomena” on the Panel, Critical Whiteness Studies in Criminology

Wednesday, November 16 in Montréal Convention Center 515B from 6:00 to 7:45PM

Presenting “Ethnographies of ‘Crime’ Converged: Reflections On the Bounds Between the Mundane, the Field, and the Impenetrable” on the Panel, Querying the Tidemarks of Crime: Retracing “The New Anthropology of Crime”

Friday, November 18 in the Morgan Room, Lobby Level of the Washington Hilton Hotel from 3:30 to 4:50PM

Chairing the Panel, Retracing an Old Tidemark Anew: The “New Anthropology of Crime” Revisited

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