Kicking off Feminist Knowledge


I am excited to teach a new PhD elective at the University of Melbourne. I developed the course, Feminist Knowledge, as a kind of ode to the Graduate Feminist Emphasis curriculum that I participated in at the University of California, Irvine (UCI).

At UCI, Feminist Knowledge is a foundational course in the graduate training provided by the Department of Gender & Sexuality Studies. It also utilizes teaching techniques I learned under the mentorship of Dr. Kerrie Kauer when I was at the California State University, Long Beach.

The subject I am teaching at the University of Melbourne is a bit different than the UCI course: It adopts the same transnational approach as UCI’s program, but it is structured around five central concerns of feminist knowledge production: Histories, Activism, Representation, Epistemology, and Methodologies.

The class is filled with interesting and interdisciplinary PhD candidates, so it should make for an exciting start at the University of Melbourne.

Feminist Knowledge

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