International Studies Association Meeting

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In March, I am presenting at the annual convention of the International Studies Association (ISA). The full details of the panel are:

Technology, Surveillance and Politics: Exploring the Dynamics of Power and Resistance

SA51: Saturday 8:15 AM – 10:00 AM

Digital Cryptography and World Politics – How Technology Becomes Political by Linda Monsees (Universität Bremen)

Commercial Sex, Technology, and Third Party Oversight by Jennifer Musto (Wellesley College)

The Dark‐Net and Cyber‐Intelligence: Legitimating Surveillance or Legitimating Resistance by Ross W. Bellaby  (University of Sheffield)

Surveillance, Security and Sport: Rethinking Private-Public Partnerships as Asymmetrical Entanglements by Kathryn Henne (Australian National University)

The Geo‐Politics of Automated Regulation: State/Corporate Control of Intellectual Property Rights Online by Natasha Tusikov (Brock University)