International Meeting of Law and Society

The International Meeting of Law and Society is nearly upon us. Held in Mexico City this year, it takes place June 19th-24th.

In addition to activities sponsored by the Collaborative Research Network on Ethnography, Law and Society, I am a roundtable discussion participant on Tuesday, June 20th from 10:00am to 11:45am in Caza B (3rd floor) of the conference hotel. The topic is Law, Techno-Science & Society: Research at the Intersection of STS & Socio-legal Studies:

The complex inter-relationships between law, techno-science, and society are central to the shaping of everyday life. As such, these entanglements have held the sustained interest of researchers from the interdisciplinary fields of both Socio-legal Studies and Science & Technology Studies (STS). This roundtable brings together speakers working at this intersection whose research covers a range of topics (from the evidentiary value of forensic science to the regulation of doping, to health, environment, and tax policy issues), and is situated in a variety of geographic locations (including the US, India, Costa Rica, Chile, Sweden, and Mexico).

The goal is to create an open dialog on how socio-legal scholarship and STS are being brought into productive conversation and how both fields might inform theory and/or method. In addition, the roundtable will assess whether there would be interest in the creation of a stand-alone Collaborative Research Network on this topic.