ARC-funded Project on Governing Gender Inclusion

Some fantastic news came through to end the year: the Australian Research Council (ARC) has funded our proposed research on sport as a site for understanding societal changes and regulatory approaches to promote wider inclusion. I am delighted to be working with Professor Ruth Jeanes, Dr Fiona McLachlan, and Dr Madeleine Pape on the project. A general summary is below, with more updates to follow as the project progresses.

Governance for Gender Inclusion: Leveling the Field in Australian Sport

This project aims to understand why, despite gains in women’s sport participation, gender inclusion efforts in Australian sport have not yet led to gender parity in leadership roles or broad accessibility for marginalized groups. It seeks to generate new knowledge about the regulatory mechanisms and social conditions that facilitate change through the development of a new interdisciplinary conceptual framework. Expected outcomes include enhanced analytic guidelines and robust recommendations for governance strategies, which can be applied to study other domains. This should provide significant theoretical and policy benefits by supporting equity in professional settings and health promotion through wider inclusion.

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