Navigating Pacific Studies

Navigating Pacific Studies is officially in full swing!

Working with Roannie Ng Shiu and Lyndsay Agans (and the great CAP Digital Learning Project team at the ANU), I am co-teaching one section of the course (which Roannie Ng Shiu convenes). More information is available on Radio Australia, which did a feature piece, Putting the Pacific in the Spotlight.

Course description: The Navigating Pacific Studies Online course is your gateway into the debates about theory and practice that shape how we conceptualise and think about the Pacific region and its peoples. The course is built around three learning modules – the past, present, and future. In the past we come to understand the voyages that brought people to the region and the stories they tell about their journeys. We investigate colonisation, the impact it had and still has on the region, and the different ways it can be understood. In the recent present we examine the new voyages that Pacific people have taken into places like Australia, New Zealand and the United States. In doing so, we look at how people move within and between these new boundaries and how Pacific cultures and identities have evolved over time and place. Finally, we bring all these themes together by examining how the past and the present can help us imagine the future.

Full course information is available on the Study at ANU Website.

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