Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

The Australian Research Council has funded my proposed research on traumatic brain injury and regulatory science. It is fantastic and humbling news, given the success rate for this particular award is under 17%. The executive summary of the project can be found on RegNet’s website or here:

Brain injury has significant health, economic, and societal costs. Despite breakthroughs in brain science, measures aimed at preventing and treating brain injury vary and have disparate outcomes, even among at-risk populations. The project aims to unveil how governance, science, and social conditions contribute to the design and implementation of traumatic brain injury interventions. This research will study the treatment of traumatic brain injury in relation to sport participants, military personnel, and family violence survivors, accounting for how inequality affects how they experience regulation. Findings are expected to provide empirical insight into the challenges of establishing effective programs and how to overcome them, which can improve regulatory responses in and beyond Australia.

More details are available on the research page of this website.

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