Recent Publications

2017 has started off with the publication of a few articles (listed below). They range in topic and focus:

  • The first critically considers the emergence of regulation around biometric technologies in sport in response to an article (written by Katrina Karkazis and Jennifer R. Fishmanon) that provides a good overview of related ethical concerns;
  • The second summarizes the use of multi-sited fieldwork to study different domains of regulation and governance; and
  • The third piece is a rejoinder that explains the methodological and theoretical shortcomings of recent research that claims to find a “reverse racism” effect among police officers making shooting decisions.

Henne, Kathryn. 2017. “I Felt Like a Lab Rat”: The Importance of Power and Context in Understanding Biometric Technologies. The American Journal of Bioethics 17(1): 63–65. [PDF]

Henne, Kathryn. 2017. Multi-Sited Fieldwork in Regulatory Studies. Regulatory Theory: Foundations and Applications. Peter Drahos, ed. Canberra: ANU Press, 97–114. [PDF]

Roussell, Aaron, Kathryn Henne, Karen Glover, and Dale Willits. 2017. Impossibility of a Reverse Racism Effect: A Rejoinder to James, Vila, and Vila. Criminology & Public Policy. DOI: 10.1111/1745-9133.12289 [PDF]