Surveillance Studies Network Conference

I am looking forward to presenting findings from some of my ongoing research about the politics underpinning the science of traumatic brain injury at the biennual conference of the Surveillance Studies Network, which is being held in Århus, Denmark, from June 7th to June 9th. One of my PhD students, Jenna Harb, is also presenting on some of her work, which brings together insights from visual criminology and feminist and queer theory to shed light on the hybrid dynamics informing surveillance tactics of and by Indigenous protestors.

The information for both talks:

June 7th from 14:30-16:00 in Tåsingegade room 210: Jenna Harb, “We’ve always been seen as a threat”: Reading intersectional dimensions of Indigenous protester surveillance as assemblage

June 9th from 13:30-14:45 in Tåsingegade room 113: Kate Henne, Unveiling an ‘invisible epidemic’: Biomedical surveillance and the gendered politics of traumatic brain injury